About us

Wally & Ossie's Pizza

Established since 1976

288 Beamish Street, Campsie NSW 2194

Tel: (02) 9789 4019 


Our Story

Sam Albassit runs Waly and Ossie's Pizza shop. The business started 31 years ago with Sam's father making Lebanese sweets such as Baklava and serving Lebanese food. They found over the years that pizzas became more popular and the business developed into a pizza shop. Sam and his sons Wally and Ossie (yes, there is really an Ossie), took over the shop fro their father. 

Wally branched out to a shop in Brighton-Le-Sands and Ossie helps out in both places. Sam effortlessly greets customers, cooks and and makes up pizzas from a range of toppings.

Sam said Beamish Street has changed over the years . The Korean residents liked to try pizzas because it was a litttle bit different, now he says there are it a few Indian and Bangladeshis visiting the shop, in a stretch of beamish that has become 'a little India'.